role of teachers

The danger of education is that our conditioned minds limit us, and unknowingly we try to push and prod the student’s mind into the same mold.  We believe that what we know is the truth, the most important thing; that our attitudes are right, our beliefs and values and practices are the only way to think and behave. And this limitation we impose on the children. With computers taking over the domain of knowledge, a cognitive equality has been established between teacher and students. Yet, in her capacity to manage anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, sorrow – the teacher struggles in the same way as her young students. Though older, we are all still slave to our emotions. The computer has no such emotions to impose, appreciates for a task done well, allows for as many chances a student needs to succeed, is fair about scoring, does not grumble about time, and does not punish. When the student makes a spelling error, the computer simply corrects it, while the teacher would have been upset. If the student has a question, the computer will offer 10 different answers and allow the student to choose. So what will be the role of the teacher in the future? With courses going online, will teachers become irrelevant? Will they have anything to offer to students at all?

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