what is missing?

Education has succeeded in developing the intellect fantastically – to the extent, we now have artificial intelligence and robots that can manage difficult human tasks with ease. Yet, just like the wheels of a bullock-cart – if one wheel is large, well developed, but the other is small and underdeveloped, can the bullock cart move? No. It will turn around on its side. Similarly, if education has provided so much for humans and their biology, is it not it’s role to also provide for human psychology? The psyche is the same since thousands of years. We are controlled by our emotions, slave to our needs, and conditioned to the past. Can education now focus on bringing about a psychological revolution?

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  1. Meena Mishra

     /  November 9, 2017

    This is very heartrending but spot on. Each time a person falls short to deal with the day-today tribulations and finds it hard to cope up with the circumstances, the very first thing to be blamed is the education system . What exactly does it train the children for? If a person does not build up the skills mandatory for leading a peaceful life (forget about successful life, it’s subjective) there is an urgent need for the educators and policy makers to put their head together and rework upon the revamping of the entire education system.


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