What is the difference between intellect and intelligence?

Intellect is man-made. Man has inquired what it is, acquired it and labelled it as ‘intellect’. He then recognizes and utilizes it in his day-to-day tasks. It is a matter of scientific production and scientific action which involves rationality and logic. It is just like mathematics which is in complete order. Therefore, anything which can be named and measured comes in the area of intellect.

Intellect, which has been made up of knowledge is gathered and accumulated in pieces through evolution or developing process. It is not whole but fragmented. It is similar to watching cinema. Cinema is made up of individual pictures. But they appear continuously at an interval of 16 seconds or less. When something appears before a certain time interval, we see it as being continuous and not fragmented. When, this knowledge which we have accumulated as memory appears on the screen of life, the speed of life goes beyond the speed of light. That screen, which comes in our mind, creates imagination and ideas- these look continuous. But in reality they are fragmented. And any fragment has limitations. They can never become a whole. Even if they come together, they can never be complete.

The mistake humans make is that they think they can solve all their problems through intellect. Humans are much habituated with intellect because it creates entertainment, hope safety, security and many other things which help man survive. Man therefore thinks that if intellect is refused, his life will become miserable. But in reality, this intellect is a bane to him. It has misguided him and put him on a wrong path. It has shown him a wrong direction of life. Man has, in fact, lost his path towards finding the origin.

Intelligence begins when intellect stops acting. Intelligence is a product of patience, peace, love, care and consideration. It involves sympathy, cooperation and accommodation.

In animals, emotions like fear and actions like attack and defence are for biological protection. For example, when a lion is seen, a deer runs away. Whereas, in humans, fears are imaginary. They are the product of knowledge – for example, the fear of something going wrong.

How does one differentiate between intellect and intelligence? One needs to understand the difference between man-made emotions and natural emotions. Man-made emotions are created through award and punishment. We listen to mere words. Because of prior knowledge and conditioning when we listen, what we are actually doing is interpreting. When the whole brain listens or sees, that is the real usage of senses – to listen holistically. One has to inquire what one is listening to. For example, are we listening to the content of what the person is saying or the designation of the person? If the answer is designation, then it is not listening. It is obeying. When you see the other person as equal, only then you understand what the person is trying to communicate to you.

Intellect belongs to the partial mind because it is fragmented. But intelligence belongs to the whole mind. Whole mind is not that which has been created by intellect; whole mind is that which has created intellect.  When intellect stops acting, stops imagining, the mind is silent. This silence can wipe out complete ignorance.