Message for students

Dear Students,

Why do we educate ourselves? Why is it that after 25-30 years of learning also, we are not able to fulfil our needs of food, clothing and shelter? Animals train their young ones for hardly 2 years. This training is more than sufficient for them to survive biologically. Whereas, even after 25 years of learning, there is no guarantee that man will be able to get a job to look after himself. Therefore, it is important to find out why we go to school if it is not to solve the problems of human society. Where has education gone wrong?

Basically, the purpose of education/ training/ developing skills was biological survival. But somewhere it has gone wrong, as it is psychological survival that has taken more importance. This has created a division in humanity – as per caste, country, colour, education, skills and experience. This has made it impossible for man to live in society.

In the thousands of years of man’s existence, he must have fought at least 15000-20000 wars. Education also formally began around 10000 years ago. If that education has helped us fight so skilfully in war, but not to live in peace, then we have to inquire where we have gone wrong in education. As it has in fact led us in a completely different direction from the main purpose of education, which is biological survival.

Day by day our conflicts/ dissatisfactions are increasing. We are having problems in our relationships. We can say that most of these problems are due to intellect. This is because our intellect is not pure like artificial intelligence, but a mixture of intellect and ignorance. Here we define ignorance as knowledge in unwanted things (which is not technology).

We don’t know what we are doing. The knowledge of psychology which is not actually experienced by people (and, sorry to say, can never be experienced) comes to people through memory, which is, in fact, second-hand knowledge – from someone else.  Because of this we are neither happy nor creative. Living in the past memory of psychology creates sorrow and loneliness, and is not real but imaginary. To escape from that, we resort to entertainment. Entertainment can be anything which keeps me occupied/ engrossed.

Education that develops this kind of intellect is not helpful. Is it then possible to have education where only biological survival is given importance? Any other area – are we capable to say ‘I don’t know’? This will help us learn. Learning can be understood as being in the present; experiencing things first hand, in the moment, which leads to self-knowledge.

Technology is rational and logical. It is common for the whole of humanity – in the entire world. But people are conditioned differently in all countries. What is good in India may not be good in America. Is it then possible to have knowledge in the area of technology, which is rational and logical, and in the area of psychology, say, “I don’t know”? It is only then that I am open to learning and I am learning. That learning is active present, where we rely on our senses. We experience and therefore we learn.

In not knowing, there is a door to travel. I am not worried or anxious. I can take each day as it comes. Each new day is a new experience. I can then say that I am not dependent on anybody where knowledge is concerned and I have self-confidence because all are like me: none of us know. This confidence in not knowing is intelligence.

There is a difference between knowledge and learning. Knowledge is accumulated – based on memory. Learning involves love, life and attention. It means being whole where all senses work together. So there is no competition or comparison. Comparison is the business of measurement. Measurement is only possible with material. Life, love and living cannot be measured.

Can we then abolish this system of comparison and competition between humanity? When there is no other knowledge except technological which is required for biological survival, it reduces the distance between humans. So war, enmity, envy can be eliminated from the world.

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