Message for Teachers

Humanity has learnt from evolution, experience and education. Till date, all kinds of measurements and artificial intelligence have developed. Today or tomorrow, this artificial intelligence will replace intellect. We have invested millions of years in developing formulas in the name of education.

The biggest question for the future is: what are educational institutions going to do when they will have no academic business? Or will the education be superficial? When robots do not leave any work for intellect, what education will be given to students?

These students are coming to school for learning. Education is learning and learning is of 2 types:

  1. Accumulation: technical knowledge for biological survival
  2. Insight: removing the ignorance from humanity

Till today, so called education has given importance only to academic learning, and that has tremendously damaged human behaviour and strengthened human ego. There is fragmentation in humanity due to comparison, competition, award, punishment and so many divisions.

The purpose of education is therefore to act on this ignorance (the journey of humanity took a wrong  turn because of this ignorance of developing the psyche).

Mechanism of intellect: Intellect is basically a product of, and has been developed through, memory, which has created knowledge, skill and instinct. All this is the business of memory. Today, scientists are ready to accept that memory is measurable and therefore material. So intellect has a materialistic approach. We can draw a parallel between memory, hair and nail. If we cut our hair or our nails, it will not hurt. This is because, by itself, it is material. Just as we have learnt to enhance our nails with paint and hair with style, similarly have we enhanced memory with good behaviour and attitude.

Just as Bhagirath worked hard to bring Ganga on earth, education has to bring intelligence on earth. Without that, humanity will not survive. This intelligence is not measurable and so, not the business of ego. Ego is about violence, fear, sorrow, attachment, measurement, cunningness, vulgarity, division, enmity and fragmentation. Intelligence is more about love, care, consideration, compassion, helpfulness, healing, genuine social work, and developing real relationships.

Our approach/ focus has to be on perception. When perception is based on our memories of past experiences, it creates imagination. When we perceive without memory and measurement, we perceive what is. ‘What is’ is what is actually happening. It is a product of the whole. When we rely on intellect/ memory we are actually thinking ‘what should be’. These are based on individual ideas and desires. It has limited capacity and is too small to act on the whole.

We can therefore say that ignorance is related to thinking. Thinking is based on intellect and therefore mechanical. Intelligence is natural.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            When both perception and brain are live, something new is created and that is capable of wiping out the darkness/ ignorance of the brain. This is insight. Insight is only possible when one learns to perceive what is, without recognizing. When perceiving, it is useful to refer to memory only when necessary. Otherwise one must remain with what is. That is Abhyas (learning). One must understand that the main aim of education is to get rid of illusion.