On world human rights day…

The world, without humans, is in complete order. No pollution, no war, no using natural resources haphazardly. These resources are available for life on earth. But humans have snatched it away from others. When we talk about human rights, we have to understand that only a human is responsible for his misdeeds.

To live rightly, man has been educating himself from thousands of years. But somehow, that education has gone against him.

If you divide education into two parts, the first one is technology. Among all animals or among the whole of life, the human is the weakest species of nature. Therefore, to fill the void, he has developed thinking which is required for food, clothes, shelter, communication, transportation, language and medicine. These things are a must for humans to survive biologically and he has been tremendously successful in this area. Technology wise, he has achieved the ultimate, which is artificial intelligence, and we won’t be wrong if we compare it to ‘Aladdin’s Chirag’. It can fulfil all needs of human beings. In fact, artificial intelligence is capable of doing most of the things humans themselves can do.

The other part of education, in which again humans have worked very hard, is to create value education, and good behaviour through (so called) religion, psychology and therapy. But yet we see that humans have deteriorated in behaviour. Morals, integrity, kindness, honesty, humility, pity and tolerance are qualities that are not seen in us anymore.

So, while we humans have been successful in technology, we have failed completely in behaviour. It is therefore important to understand what is required.

We need nature’s resources for biological protection. The problem is distribution of resources. 1% of humans are using 80% of Earth’s resources, while the remaining 99% are left with only 20% resources. Division of people creates the problem of distribution.  And this division is created by thinking.

Thinking has given success to technology, but at the same time it has failed humanity in relationships. Thinking yields results when the approach is materialistic as material is made up of fragments. But life is not material and cannot be fragmented. Life is one. So, when technology is applied to life, it acts as a butcher to bring destruction to life through war or through diseases which destroy the human body itself. Technology is a product of thinking. But, this same thinking when applied to life, divides life into different nationalities, castes, religions and traditions. And in that difference, one finds uniqueness. The human wants to dominate and survive against the billions of enemies he has created through diverse thinking. Thinking, created for biological survival, has become the human’s biggest enemy.

Human has worked hard to create ‘psyche’, which is nothing but accumulation of past knowledge and experiences. He has used this psyche to solve all problems. In reality, problems are created only due to accumulation of knowledge and thinking that we use inappropriately. We have to accept this existence of psyche as a challenge and think of it as a problem to solve.

If we do not use thinking, past knowledge, experiences and perceptions in the area of relationships and behaviour (which are alive and can change anytime) it will benefit us in the area of behaviour. Because, decisions based on the past misguide us.

We need to stop educating children through awards, punishment, comparison and competition, which are areas of measurement, thinking and technology. They strengthen the psyche and create pressure which causes thinking (inappropriately) and creates division. The entire education pattern has to be changed where technology is a must for biological survival and not to create division in humanity.

“The wrong means used for the right purpose may bring the wrong result since means (not the purpose) is the end.”

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